"Of the life of the Old Ones, both under the sea and after part of them migrated to land, volumes could be written." 


- Howard Phillips Lovecraft

The elder ones

Coming in 2021... the project is currently in production. The Elder Ones embodies the remaining 2/3 of H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" as begun with The Secrets of Vanished Aeons. The bulk of the project depicts the largely untold story within the novella, the Earth History of the Elder Things as only mentioned at various times throughout Lovecraft's tale.


From their interstellar flight to and arrival on Earth, their settling, bio-engineering, and warring with other alien races... the project adapts and translates the story musically, environmentally and historically. Oh and keep an ear out for familiar elements from Poisoned DreamsThe Shadow-Haunted Outside as well as The Secrets of Vanished Aeons (from which this continues directly) because it connects them all. 

The project will be two discs housed in an art book FULL of artwork from Steve Maschuck and accompanied by expanded writing by Fred Lubnow from his Lovecraft Science Journal

This is "At the  Mountains of Madness" like you have never experienced before!

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